Just a few success stories...

In just 10 weeks, look at Kate’s success!


The thing I loved most about the food plan is that Nik worked it around what I already ate and didn’t start introducing things I wouldn’t normally eat or that I didn’t like. He educated me on hidden sugars and when/what to eat around training. This made it so much easier to stick to and not just for 10 weeks. The PT sessions themselves were just brilliant! Nik is so motivational he really makes you believe you can do it! I learnt loads of techniques, gained loads more confidence and changed the way I look and feel about myself.

"Transform Your Lifestyle was the best money I've ever spent. Nik has a great ethos and is a great trainer who knows his stuff! He wanted the results as much as I did and that's exactly what I got - results! I couldn't have done it without his support, knowledge and the manner in which he gets the best out of you. He changed the way I look at food and exercise.  I'm now a regular and love the Bootcamps!"






In 15 months just look at Sarah's transformation.  She was doing 2 or 3 Bootcamps a week, followed a healthy lifestyle and she even completed Tough Mudder!

"Personal Training with QFL was a fantastic way to get me into exercise and with their encouragement and support I am still a regular at Bootcamp. I’ve returned for further PT sessions which have helped me achieve my goals to get fitter and slimmer. Training with QFL has done something quiet remarkable which is to change my attitude to exercise and health and my self-confidence has rocketed!"






10 weeks of Personal Training followed by 6 months of self-discipline has transformed Dave! 

"Personal Training was the best thing I ever did! I got fit and found something I enjoyed. One year on I still regularly attend QFL Bootcamp and still love every session and have made some brilliant new friends."






Jacqueline attended Bootcamp and quickly made exercise her new habit.  A year later and she's never looked back!

"Just wanted to say thanks. Not able to come to bootcamp as you're too far away, but have been following your daily advice and blogs. Haven't changed too much, just cut out all bread (except 2 x tortillas once a week) and changed breakfast from cereal to mackerel or other protein and water. I'm now in my first size 12 in around 2 years. Very pleased and just wanted to say thanks!"






In 10 weeks Fern dropped 9.2% body fat, shed 4.6kg in weight and lost 12cm from her waist! 



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